Inspiration comes in many forms in Cardigan Bay. We love to draw upon the tremendous natural energy of the coastal cliffs, ancient woodlands and fast-flowing rivers to give us ideas. Sometimes just seeing the way nature has created such effortless beauty can lead to a brand new set of ideas. And if not at least it clears out the cobwebs and gives the mind a chance to re-set and re-energise.

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Everything made by Cardigan Bay Company is designed in our studio in Cardigan. Drawing inspiration from the beauty that surrounds us here in West Wales all our products are themed around Cardigan Bay – that’s beaches, wildlife, natural colours and supportive communities. Get an idea of our product ranges and come through to our shop and purchase.

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love where we areLove where we are

Living in Cardigan Bay offers so much to enjoy. The dynamic coastline with sandy beaches and steep cliffs gives residents and visitors a chance to truly escape the hum-drum life of the city. Walking through carefully preserved valleys and ancient forests feeds the spirit and gives you a sense of being truly alive in nature.

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things we likeThings we like

Living and working in Cardigan Bay is a true blessing. The scenery is stunning – just see it to believe it. And there are so many cool people and companies here doing really creative and inspiring work. That’s literally everything from UK designer jeans, glamping and eco-living to home-baked specialties and newly created folk music and poetry.

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At the Cardigan Bay Company we design and produce our own range of products representing Cardigan Bay and reflecting the traditions of the area. Our products are available exclusively via the Mundos shop and the website – www.mundos.co.uk.  The Mundos Shop is in Cardigan High Street, west Wales.

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